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Free daily activities and sauna experiences

A wellness experience on the Cauberg in Valkenburg is only complete with the many free activities throughout the day that are offered in Thermae 2000. From drift sessions in the special thermal water to extra sensation in the steamy saunas, there is something for every taste.

Sauna pourings

Relax on the top of the Cauberg

with this special offers for you

Absolute Hyaluron Serum 30ml

from €24,95 p.p.

Gel Mask 50ml

from €16,95 p.p.

Cosmetic hand care

from €39,50 p.p.

Bodymilk 200ml

from €14,95 p.p.

Absolute Hyaluron Serum 30ml

from €24,95 p.p.

Gel Mask 50ml

from €16,95 p.p.

Cosmetic hand care

from €39,50 p.p.

Bodymilk 200ml

from €14,95 p.p.

Unique floating session in thermal water: ThermaeMotion

Thermae motion is a relaxation session in the water by means of driving.

Everyone has the ability to float in water. Partly because we consist for a large part out of water. To eliminate the differences of the individual, the different floating abilities, we use drift material so you can fully enjoy the warm water.

To relax even more we use music. You can hear this as well under as above the water. The water carries so to speak the body and the music.

Due to the light stream you will get entrained through the bath. This allows you to experience the water and every movement even more and it will stimulate all your different senses. Skin, by the flow and temperature of the bath. Hearing, by the music and vibration.

During the session, you can close your eyes. If you keep your eyes open, your eyes are stimulated by different lights and colors. All the colors have a different positive effect on you.

Because your body is passive the session lasts 15 to 20 minutes.


Free participation in various sauna pourings

You can experience an even more intense sauna routing in a number of saunas. This can be realized by our special sauna pourings in which water and essential oils are poured on the hot stones. Since the vaporized water condenses on the cooler skin, the effect is even more intense. Every day there are several sauna pourings at different times.

Floating, wonderful floating in thermal water

Floating is one of the ways to restore harmony and balance between body and mind. Floating is characterized by the slow gentle movements forming in warm water. The movements can be active and passive. Active movements consist of bending and stretching of limbs or the torso and from rotating around the length and width axis. The passive movements are made by another person.

The focus goes to the physical aspect but also to mental relaxation. Participants learn to become aware of their breath and the feeling of freedom and confidence.


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