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NEW! Arabic ritual ''Ducha Aljamal''

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A fragrance, foam and clay experience in the steam bath for a silky-smooth skin

Immerse yourself in this completely new wellness ritual in which not only the rasul experience is experienced. In the steam bath you will experience a completely new Arabic ritual called Ducha Aljamal, which means "the beauty of showering or cleaning". And the name says it all, a ritual in which the cleansing and care of the skin is the most important.

Omouna rasul clay from the Moroccan Atlas Mountains

During this ritual we work with special Omouna Rasul clay, which is produced in a natural way from the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. After the clay is dried for a long time in the Moroccan sun, real herbs are added. The different herbs provide a true fragrance experience. With this natural clay you rub your whole body, just as the original Rasul treatment.

Before applying, your body is cleansed in an oasis of foam, making you feel like you are in a real Hammam. After the skin has been thoroughly cleansed, you (yourself) apply the clay. After that you will stay in the steam bath for a while. When rubbing the clay, the skin is removed from old skin cells.

A good way to cleanse the skin of the body and stimulate the blood circulation. The pleasant warmth and humidity of the room ensures that the active ingredients and precious minerals from the clay are easily absorbed into your skin. After this Arabic ritual, your skin will feel silky soft.

More about Omouna

Omouna stands for beauty with added value. By using its products, the brand supports women's cooperations and the care of underprivileged children in Morocco. Omouna buys authentic products in Morocco from small cooperations, merchants and the self-employed.

These small businesses provide a large support base for families to provide for their needs. Women's cooperations ensures the development of women and respect for their knowledge. Omouna also has its own women's cooperation that makes the Omouna ghassoul (rasul clay).

In Morocco, many children live under very bad circumstances. They have no future. Near Marrakech, Omouna has got to know a children's home that takes in seriously underprivileged children and supports them in every way to outgrow their misery and to grow into involved citizens. This children's home is called Centre Fiers et Forts ("Pride and Strength" Centre). Omouna donates a part of the profits to the Centre Fiers et Forts.

For more information about Omouna's products:

Additional information

This ritual takes place in a group (max. 12 persons) in the steam bath and is compulsory without swimwear. The treatment cannot be booked on our swimwear days.

The treatment takes 40 minutes and can only be booked in combination with a day entrance at Thermae 2000.

Please contact us with this contact form for questions, comments and suggestions. We will answer you as soon as possible.

Relax on the top of the Cauberg

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NEW! Arabic ritual ''Ducha Aljamal''

from €19,50 p.p.

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NEW! Arabic ritual ''Ducha Aljamal''

from €19,50 p.p.

24h Perfection Creme 50ml

from €19,95 p.p.

Thermae For Me Anti-aging

from €71,50 p.p.

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from €69,50 p.p.

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