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Thermae loyalty card

The Thermae Loyalty Card is already an advantage from two visits a month. Moreover you can benefit from the advantages of a membership.

By showing your loyalty card you can enjoy many advantages:

  • Unlimited use of facilities 
  • 10% discount on treatments 
  • 10% discount on all items from the shop
  • 10% discount on the solarium
  • First informed of the latest news
  • Special arrangements from Apollo Hotels and Resorts 
  • Introduce a new guest to Thermae 2OOO once a year, for free
  • Free treatment if you bring in a new 12-month loyalty member (Rasul or 25 min. Facial treatment)


12 months for € 56,50,- per person, per month.
6 months for € 63,50,- per person, per month.
3 months for € 202,50 per person, charged when purchased.


With help of our application form, you can register for a Thermae Loyalty Card. During your first visit at Thermae 2000 you will sign your membership, after which the membership will begin. 


Please contact us by filling in this contact form for questions, comments and suggestions. We will reply you as soon as possible. 

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    Frequently asked questions

    How can I redeem my gift card?

    You can redeem your voucher during the last step of you reservation using the barcode. The value will be deducted from the total amount.

    Which gift cards/vouchers can I hand in online?

    You can redeem gift cards with a value in euros online during your reservation. This includes gift cards purchased directly from our website. Below are two examples.

    Example 1

    Example 2

    Do I have to spend a gift card at once?

    Yes, it is better to spend the gift card at once. If there is a residual value this will expire. The best choice is to make a reservation with an amount higher then the value of your gift card. You can pay the remaining amount immediately online.

    Is it possible to hand in more gift cards at once?

    Yes, this is possible. Provided the total amount is higher then the gift cards together.

    Is the receiver of the gift card the only one to use the gift card?

    No, gift cards are not personal. So it is possible to give the gift card to family or friends.

    I cannot redeem my gift card

    Did you type the bar code correctly? Did you check the date on the card? If so, please contact us.

    I handed in my gift card during a reservation, but I cancelled the reservation. Is it possible to use the gift card again?

    Yes, you can. If the gift card wasn't settled with the reservation, you can use the gift card two hours after the reservation.

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