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Sauna ritual

Sauna use according to the original ritual

The sauna session is not just warming up in a hot cabine, it is a game of variously warming up, cooling down and relaxing. But it is not a game without rules, the sauna session  is a precise prescribed ritual.

Shower - Before you enter the sauna cabin, you take a hot shower, even if you have already done so earlier that day. This is to show respect to your fellow sauna attendees: total cleanliness.

Drying - Although you  will be covered in sweat after a few minutes again, it is still important that the shower is followed by a thorough drying. The towel you used for this purpose should preferably not be the same that you use in the sauna cabin.

Warm footbath - in every good sauna you will find a warm footbath. Before entering the cabin you warm up your feet in this footbath  for a few minutes. Because of the plantar reflex is you body will be preheated.

In the cabin - in the sauna cabin (which is always made of wood), the temperature is between 50 ° C (at the bottom) to about 100 ° C (at the top). That is not too hot, because the present particles that are in the air evaporate. On the lower bench it is of course less hot than on the top (in the larger cabins there are usually three banks at different heights). Depending on your response, a first sauna session may take 8 to 12 minutes. It is intended that your entire body is on the towel, so your sweat does not come on the wood but your towel.

Now cool down – Because you stored so much heat in the cabin (mainly in your skin) you need to loose this gradually with a good cooling down. Again, you should take the time. You start with a breath of fresh air outdoors. Both in summer and in winter it is advisable to just get in a generous portion of oxygen. After that you start cooling down the body even more. There are various facilities to cool down more, the water hose, cold shower and after that plunge pool.

The footbath - For the second time you use the hot foot bath. This improves the circulation of blood and prevents you remain cold after cooling.

And then relax - Your body needs after all this healthy exercise a break. This requires at least 15 minutes resting in the space provided just as important as the previous one. You moisture lost during the stay in the sauna cabin: During your rest you can supplement this with a healthy drink.

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